1937 Henry Rasmussen, designer and owner of today´s famous ship yard Abeking&Rasmussen in Lemwerder/Germany designed for captain Ludwig Schlimbach a small and handy yacht of 10 meter length. Captain Schlimbach was looking for a solid and seagoing yacht which he could sail solo from Europe to New York/USA. The result was STÖRTEBECKER III, a yawl of 10 meters length with a sail area of 45 sqm, built by Abeking&Rasmussen in Lemwerder/Germany. Captain Schlimbach managed to sail in 59 days from Lisboa to New York, earning a lot of honour and publicity for this voyage. The design became famous and a dream of many yachting people.

After the war Henry Rasmussen adjusted the design to the new created German formula for sailing cruiser yachts, called KR formula. He started to build a copy of STÖRTEBECKER III in 1949, but as a sloop, named “Piraya”, in 1950 “Skjold” and “Freya” and later in 1956 “Taranga” and “Träumerei”.

The 1st owner of Freya was E.O.Bohnenkamp from Düsseldorf. He called her Störtebecker IV.  When and to whom he sold Freya is not known. The next we know is that Freya was sold in 1996 from V.Lohse in Flensburg/Germany to V.Herrman from Lübeck. Mr. Herrmann recoginzed that major work had to be done to save the boat so he decided to sell her again.

We bought Freya in 1997, at this time under the name “Amata”. She was in a poor shape, with broken frames and a leaking deck. Since then Freya was restored step by step (see under Maintenance and Repair) and our family sailed intensively with her in the Baltic Sea.